Teenagers are very vulnerable. They are likely to have a negative opinion about themselves, their look. They tend to find different real or imaginary flaws in their appearance. They can be easily hurt by opinions or remarks other people make. The discomfort they bear due to spots on their face plays an important role in their life and may lead to losing confidence and self-respect. Some of them even start hating themselves for not conforming to the standard.

Teens’ circle of acquaintance is not wide. They mostly communicate with their close relatives, friends and so-called mates who they barely know. Undoubtedly, teenagers pay more attention to the words of their friends or schoolmates, no matter whether it is criticism or praise. Teens consider their parents subjective as they love their children anyway. It is known that teenagers can be very cruel to each other, some of them intentionally hurt other people’s feelings, which results in hiding from the social environment and intensifies the feelings of shame, pain, uneasiness and intense dislike. That’s why it is so important to take care of teen acne before it can ruin whole life of a teenager.