Body acne is one of the things nobody wishes to have, but still there are a lot of people having it. Sometimes you even do not know, from where it has come from. Notwithstanding this, there is always something that caused this undoubtedly unpleasant stuff.

Surely, your inheritance can also play a predominant role here. When you have something only because of inheritance it’s always like it comes from nowhere. In other words, if your father or mother have suffered from acne, you will be more likely to have it too. But you certainly understand that there must be also some proximate cause of this disease.

Hormones can be named among first causes of body acne. In young age hormones called androgens become active and facilitate activity of sebaceous glands which then produce more oil. And skin oil is one of the main matters that get into the pores causing formation of acne. Such hormone burst can also be initiated by some contraceptives, which may also lead to acne.

Choking of pores that leads to emerging of bad skin can be conditioned by other causes. Bad use of cosmetics (especially greasy one) can also damage your skin. For body acne in particular (mainly back acne, chest acne and neck acne) wearing tight dress is also named as a major reason for appearing. Moist, soaked cloth facilitates mixing of sweat with skin oil that forms the best conditions for acne. If your sport suit does not conduct air, you will be almost guaranteed to have some problems with your skin. Of course, if you are not much concerned of your body skin care (for example, do not take a shower after physical training) this will lead to formation of spots, blackheads and so on.

The next key reason is improper nutrition. This fact is used by experts who work out different diets that help to fight acne. The main hazard in food is made by products that may cause allergy – their consumption is often followed by acne. Here we should also mention side effects from some medicines.

Only knowing the exact reason for having acne, one can be assigned a proper body acne treatment products and get rid of these obnoxious things.