It happens that you never know where the problem with acne comes from. You can be sure that your mother and father have given you good genes so you are not going to have spotted face in your puberties as your mom who haven’t at all suffered from this trouble in the senior school. You may not take any hormonal pills (it is always easier when you are a man because hormonal pills are most frequently associated with birth control pills).

You may visit your endocrinologist and pass analyses every month and the doctor may tell you that you don’t have any problems with your hormones…but in spite of all suddenly an unattractive spot rises on your face and you can’t help exclaiming while standing opposite to a mirror.

In this case the most probable variant is that you are exposed to some external causes of acne.  It can be bad environment, radiation or any other problem which does not depend on you, but be attentive in your skin care, because it really can (and even more frequently it does) be your fault.

An arguable issue here is use of inappropriate makeup. It is arguable just because sometimes it depends on the person, and sometimes not. But in any case one should be attentive. For example, it is not advised to purchase and use oily cosmetics – as skin oil is a major factor causing acne, some additional oil, which you smear on your skin, naturally helps oil of your own make to block the pores in your skin and this is what we call acne.

Test your makeup before using it – smear it on the sheet of paper and leave it for a day. If the paper soaks much oil and a big spot has appeared on it, that means that your beauty aid is oily and the bigger is the spot, the more oil is in your cosmetic. What is not advised also is using scrubs too much – “scrubbing” your skin in such way you make it vulnerable and exposed to external factors, such as dust, which is a straight way to acne.

Use good makeup, natural skin care products and do not try squeezing and picking acne, which can accelerate its growth in any circumstances.