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Acne Treatment Pills: Tips and Tricks

The time comes when you realize that you are sick and tired from your acne and the case is not likely to leave you on itself. Very often this time comes at once, just after you have got the first tiny spot on your face, but sometimes it takes many weeks or even months for the person to realize his or her problem and gather him- or herself up and begin the struggle. Of course to a great extent it depends on the person.

So the abovementioned time has come and you are sensitized to eliminate the problem which you are facing. But here you are just stopping at the crossroads, and the roads are merely omnifarous – meaning that there are different acne treatment pills and it happens that it is very difficult to choose an appropriate one. So what to do then?

Here are some acne treatment pills tips and tricks that may help you to execute your choice.

  1. The first and the most major one – read acne treatment pills reviews. Be sure that you read them thoroughly. Heed, that using a preparation without reading the manual is the same as signing a contract without reading its content. In the latter case, however, the result usually damages your fortune, and in the former your health suffers (your skin, first of all).
  2. The next tip is to be attentive and serious with doctor endorsements. Doctors are definitely more competent in the topic than you are even if you regard yourself as the person owing absolute knowledge. Do not spare your money and visit a good specialist, as well as try to allocate some time for the visit and take the complete examination – all this will save you money and time in future, which you would otherwise spend for retreatment and re-examination.
  3. The third tip: remember, that product safety is the most salient feature that you should consider. This may be ensured by product reputation or just with the fact that you are using product types which are already familiar to you. But in any case it is the very point.
  4. And the last tip is to be sure that you are given a money-back guarantee.
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  • Natural Acne Cures

    Natural acne cures supposes curing acne with herbs, vitamins and minerals like kaolin (different acne treatment products are based on this mineral), keeping proper diet, using enough minerals (among them chromium and zinc are the most important) and vitamins (vitamin A, vitamin E and vitamin B-complex are the main vitamins useful for skin protection and elimination of acne). Surely treating acne with natural acne cures products is much more pleasant and the main thing is that it is not going to bring any side effects, which is a very common feature of various chemically modified preparations.

    Of course there are some naturally reputed unnatural acne cures products. Among these are so well-known preparations, as benzoyl peroxide (included in various famous acne treatment preparations sold under different brands like Clearasil etc.), retinoids, isotretinoin and others.

    Of course, here we are not going to tell that benzoyl peroxide, for example, cannot be used completely. This very drug has been used for more than 60 years, and applying it has given not so bad results actually. Let’s even consider benzoyl peroxide one of the mildest unnatural drugs.

    But still it is unnatural. Look, our skin is a natural limb that uses natural products for its development and often is irritated by something unnatural influencing it (I think you don’t tend to apply some chemicals to your skin). And benzoyl peroxide for instance is not as harmless as it can seem to be – sometimes it gives such side effects as dry skin, eczema, skin pigmentation, and others.

    I think here we may not even mention Isotretinoin – a drug which has very powerful effect. Isotretinoin, like all retinoids, is a modified vitamin A. But vitamin A cannot be so destructive in any quantity, as isotretinoin is, and neither of other retinoids is as well. This drug (isotretinoin) is prescribed to people with most complicated and inveterate forms of acne, and its side effects’ list can make you really scared – this list includes almost 20 different possible diseases (besides, the possibility of some of them approaches 50%).

    So it’s up to you to decide, whether you go for natural acne cures or not.

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  • Surely nobody forbids you to do this. Use them in any quantity that you wish and maybe you will achieve some result. The same thing happens with many other preparations and not only with them – for example, nobody forbids smoking, and many people do smoke notwithstanding the fact that it is very harmful for the health, which is proved by lots of medical surveys.

    Of course retinoids are not that kind of thing, I mean, like cigarettes. Anyway they serve a noble purpose – elimination of acne. This small thing, proliferating fast, can spoil any beautiful face and turn it into a nightmare. Frequently acne is not causing so much trouble as some other disease can – for example, nobody has yet died of acne. But this small disease is annoying and importunate as flies are. For example, a couple of big acne on your back will not cause any death, but nevertheless they will bother you much and won’t let you wear your favorite dress because of much discomfort and possibly from esthetic considerations and shyness, if this area of skin becomes open in the dress.

    So many people begin their hard struggle with the ugly small spots appearing at the very wrong time and in the very wrong place (actually, it hardly can be otherwise with acne). And many people use such drugs as retinoids.

    Is it something so bad with retinoids that they should be forbidden or something like that? Even if they have been not forbidden yet, which should be for some sound reason? For instance, as potassium permanganate has been forbidden for sale recently in some countries?

    No, the point is not in this. The gist of it is the fact that presently the trend in the medical world goes towards natural acne treatment. Retinoids don’t correspond with this trend, being chemically synthesized products. What is that bad with the products, which are not suited for natural acne treatment?  Side effects are the main answer for this question. If you use natural preparations, they are not going to do you any harm.

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  • Isotretinoin is acting where others are helpless. But what is the other side of the shield? This is the main factor why isotretinoin is prescribed. There is maybe no other drug, which is as potent as this one. There is maybe no other drug, which can cope with such severe acne, as isotretinoin can. It is often given when all other preparations have shown their impotence. Powerlessness of other preparations sometimes leads to isotretinoin.

    Isotretinoin affects all stages of development of acne. The drug influences on many factors that become acne-causers. First, it reduces production of skin oil, which is one of the major factors. From one side it is good, and it is clear why – because when there is too much oil, it comes into skin pores, which subsequently leads to appearance of acne. But from the other side…it will be enough just to think over the actual mechanism, how isotretinoin reduces the production of oil.

    Of course, this can be done, first of all, by limitation of activity of the units that produce that oil, namely sebaceous glands. So it happens that isotretinoin just slows down their development and suppresses their activity, so that they produce less oil. You may not agree but I think that when some preparation, which is not related to any natural means, suppresses activity of some cells or some organs of the organism, it doesn’t inspire me at all.

    There is even some division into isotretinoin and other kinds of acne treatment. If long-term courses of antibacterial medications do not bring any result, then isotretinoin is prescribed. If after several successful courses relapses reappear, then isotretinoin is prescribed. If scars tend to appear after acne, isotretinoin is prescribed.

    However, because of such strength isotretinoin is impacting not only acne and its causes, but also the organism in a whole. This is a cause of side effects, some of which are very severe so that, for example, it is forbidden to take isotretinoin during pregnancy.

    So everything is not so simple with isotretinoin.


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  • Avoid Acne Products Side Effects

    Many men turn to laser surgery to make their skin free of spots. Lots of these surgeries end up with severe pain and a long healing time. Moreover, there is a variety of other non-natural, equally dangerous and inconvenient means to treat acne, such as hormones and injections, pills, creams and gels. You are advised to keep away from them and avoid problems like zenmed side effects.

    If you give preference to natural acne products, take a look at available choices on the market. First of all you should not expect instant outcome like in case of laser surgery. But with natural acne products there will be no scars, no painful and time-consuming recovery, no side effects. Work out the list of ingredients of your natural acne remedy. It is essential to know how safe and valuable the ingredients are. If you are allergic to herbs, think about other alternatives.

    Talk to your health practitioner if you are taking other medications. When you chose the product find out about the company. The trustworthy company will provide you with thorough information about the features of acne treatment pills. For example, natural acne products may not be allowed during being pregnant.

    Many natural acne products contain Thailand herbs that are historically known to treat acne and other skin problems. As reported on BBC, they can give you a clear skin in less than a month. With the help of natural acne products you will look the way you always dreamed about. One of the most important effects will be your improved self-confidence.

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  • Exposed Skin Care Coupon Codes

    Exposed Skin Care is a line of extremely popular  acne treatment products. If you are suffering from acne or any other skin condition, you can now get there products with a solid discount, or even completely free of charge!


    We offer an exclusive coupon: use code bodyclear2014 for a Free Body Wash ($25.95 value) with any order over $40


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  • Wrong Acne Treatment

    Any person who aims to get rid of acne is afraid a bit of the possible aftereffects of wrong acne treatment. At the same time nobody wants to pay extra money. And it is very difficult to find a real remedy for acne in the acne products market, though we can come across the variety of such acne products.

    We prepared some pieces of advice for you to follow while choosing the product for your acne. We want it to be helpful in your search of an effective treatment for your skin problem.

    You can follow the regulations as you look for herbal products, which are natural and are aimed at acne treatment. In accordance with the new practices of FDA everything possible is done to provide good supplements for customers:

    • Are manufactured according to the established safety standards
    • There must be no component that can make the product impure;
    • Are correctly labeled in line with the advisable rules.

    In such a way, you are to choose an acne product following the FDA recommendations.

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  • It is well known that when you are going to treat your acne effectively you are eager to find the best product at the cheapest price. However, due to the fact that there are a lot of advertisements you don’t know what to choose. It seems impossible to find the suitable product.

    There are awesome tips that can make choosing the right product for you much easier.

    Are there recommendations?

    There are some rules to follow when selecting natural or herbal based acne treatment products. FDA, for example, is advising consumers to make sure whether acne treatment products:

    1. Satisfy the requirements and are produced in a quality way;
    2. There must be no component that can make the product impure;
    3. Are labeled and have a proper package with the guidelines and recommendations

    Thus, follow the same FDA-recommended guidelines when making up your mind which acne treatment product to choose.

    Is it clinically tested?

    Nowadays all medical products should be backed up by evidence, and you are recommended to study all evidences and facts, not only advertising slogans. Consequently, you need a comprehensive acne treatment product including diverse components that are clinically tested. The product should pass medical trials and be subjected to scientific studies. On the basis of these results, professional experts made their conclusions. They advise the products to the customers individually, in the publications and on the forums where people look for solutions to their problems.

    Is it fully compliant?

    When talking about a medicine or another specific product being compliant we mean that it is suitable and safe for use by most people and carry no threat of significant side effects. According to this, the best acne treatment product should suit for people of different age groups and genders. While searching for reviews, pay attention to acne treatment products that have proved to be effective for young, middle aged and elderly males and females.

    What about safety?

    It is evident that an ideal acne treatment product should be safe and shouldn’t cause any typical side effects of traditional meds. So, you’d better to do your own research when going to begin a course of any acne treatment product.

    The best way to gather necessary information is to check whether the product has been approved by trustworthy medical professionals and visit acne treatment forums. In the same way the compliance of the medication is also very important. Cure acne with the most effective medication.

    How much does it cost?

    The skin care product you are choosing can be considered best if, in addition to being effective and safe, it has a good price and does not cost an arm and a leg. Thus, a product that gives you more for less would be the best choice.


    While you can see countless brand names of both herbal or natural and non-prescription anti acne skincare lotions, gels, dietary supplements and herbal oils, there’re hardly few that deliver great results. It is very important to remember that even the most widespread acne treatment products have a number of negative side effects.

    The main idea is to do your part of homework, do your own research. Read real user testimonials, check whether the supplement is clinically approved and choose the most effective product for you, which is natural and will not cost you a fortune.

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  • Monthly Acne

    Every woman has to face with some things like bloating, cramping, mood swings and acne. It happens every month. Monthly acne is considered to be influenced by hormones. However the researchers haven’t got any answer on this very subject – until now. The latest research proved fifty per cent of all women suffer from these monthly acne flashes in a week before those women days.

    This very type of acne can be called monthly acne. It can be solved with the help of traditional therapies. For example, retinoids or antibiotics taken systematically can be very useful. Some indications that can help your doctor to diagnose monthly acne:

    • Acne happened first time in adult age
    • Acne eruption intensifying before menstruation
    • A history of menstrual cycles taking place irregularly;
    • Increased sebaceous excretions on the face
    • Hirsutism (problems with growing hair)
    • The levels of certain androgens are increased

    Even though monthly acne usually occurs close to age of 25, it may affect teenagers and fully developed females too, and is most prevalent in females older than thirty years. Most patients have acne on the face and the most typical area is the chin and the jaw. In some cases acne is found on the back and in the chest area, but the most problematic area is still the face. Monthly acne breakouts are typically not acute and come in form of inflamed papules and tiny nodules with infrequent blackheads. However, if you don’t want your monthly acne to turn into severe acne or rosacea, take a look at acne products.

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  • Female Acne Treatment Products

    For a large number of females it takes place like alarm clock each month: cramps, swift changes in moods, and acne breakouts. Specialists realize that female acne breakouts can be affected by hormonal fluctuations; however study on this topic has been rather minimal – until recently. Research conducted recently established that almost 50% of all ladies encounter female acne breakouts throughout the week before their menstrual cycle.

    The worst thing about this kind of female acne is that it can hardly be treated with antibiotics or skin creams with retinoids. Several hints may help your physician determine hormonally-triggered female acne and find suitable female acne treatment products:

    • Adult-onset acne or breakouts that happen the first time in adults;
    • You notice that acne flare-ups is connected to the menstrual cycle; pimples appear about a week before your period
    • A history of menstrual cycles taking place irregularly;
    • Too oily face skin;
    • You suffer from excess facial and body hair growth
    • Raised levels of certain androgens in your blood stream

    20-25 is a typical age of the first time sufferer of female acne. Teenagers and mature women are affected less frequently. For women over 30, getting over female acne can be difficult as the condition is very persistent. The lower part of their face (the jaw or the chin) can be damaged. It has been noticed that most women have pimples on their face. However, some women suffer from female acne on their back or chest. Usually female acne is represented with single inflammatory papules, small inflammatory pimples, and regular comedones. But what is the reason of it?

    They begin generally prior to adolescence (9-10 years old) when the adrenal glands start generating DHEAS (dihydroepiandrosterone sulfate), an androgen. Androgens are so called “male” hormones, though they are produced by a woman’s body as well. Other “male” hormones are dehydrotestosterone (DHT) and testosterone. All of them work as stimulants for the sebaceous glands. The result of it is an intense surface skin fat (sebum) production.

    So, it is not unusual for teens, especially boys, to have acne. It is obvious that boys suffer from acne more because of the “male” hormones. It is extremely difficult to treat acne in adolescents, as their hormonal levels always change. In some cases the first reaction to the external therapy can be good, if doctors use such methods as retinoids and benzoyl peroxide. In some cases antibiotics have to be used. But as our bodies develop, they can undergo some hormonal shifts and in such a way they can stop responding to such therapies and require other acne products. These hormonal changes of teenagers should be accommodated by courses of acne treatment.

    Few women are lucky enough to “outgrow” their female acne. In some women, female acne appears after the age of 20 or even 30 and quickly becomes a nuisance, flaring up the week before a period, making them look for female acne treatment products. It happens because their estrogen level is the highest in the middle of the cycle (on condition that a woman is not using hormonal pills for birth control). When a woman is approaching her period, the estrogen level is decreasing. Ovaries after ovulation produce progesterone and this hormone stimulates the sebaceous glands. Female acne comes as a result of this.

    Pregnant women may also need female acne treatment products especially in third trimester due to the sebaceous glands again. A number of post-menopausal women continue suffering from acne flare-ups. Estrogen levels begin to dip and testosterone takes over as the dominant hormone after menopause.

    But do not expect that this kind of acne will disappear occasionally. Still, dermatologist can recommend you a few good female acne treatment products.

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