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Acne Development

Let’s see how acne develops. At the age of about ten the adrenal glands start to produce an androgen, dihydroepiandrosterone sulfate (DHEAS). Other androgenic hormones – male growth hormone in female’s system – like testosterone and dehydrotestosterone (DHT), take part in the pubertal period. These the body’s hormones make the skin oil glands to produce more sebum (skin’s natural oil).

This is the reason why acne and oily skin are so widespread between young people. This is the first step in acne development. Not surprisingly, given that young boys have more testosterone, teenager acne breakouts happen to be more serious in males. The management of acne breakouts in youngsters can be difficult, as their systems are constantly undergoing severe hormonal fluctuations. They can at first managed quite well by first-line treatment options, like vitamin A creams and various other inexpensive over-the-counter products, possibly combined with antibiotic. Later acne development continues during maturity period when they can experience intense hormonal fluctuations – and become not responding to employing treatments. Programs of acne breakouts therapy may have to be modified more frequently with young adults to correspond to their hormonal shifts.

A lot of women don’t have teen acne but many of them begin to suffer from this problem at the age of 20 or 30, experiencing persistent onsets the week previous to their period. What happens is during a normal menstrual cycle, level of estrogen is at its high point at mid-cycle and subsequently declines at the onset of period. Obviously this is not true for women on hormonal birth control pill. The fact that the ovaries produce progesterone means that women sebaceous glands are stimulated after ovulation and the skin becomes oilier, which leads to acne problems.

The body’s hormones are also the cause of acne development in many expectant women also; the essential oil glands start producing excessive amounts of sebum throughout the 3rd trimester, resulting in oily face and regular acne outbreaks. Although after menopause the level of estrogen declines and testosterone turns out to be the main hormone, women can also experience acne.

If you have experienced acne once, you should remember that this problem may stay with you for a long time, even after you get older. The best way to stop acne development is to consult the doctor, who will help you develop the proper acne treatment plan.

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  • Monthly Acne

    Every woman has to face with some things like bloating, cramping, mood swings and acne. It happens every month. Monthly acne is considered to be influenced by hormones. However the researchers haven’t got any answer on this very subject – until now. The latest research proved fifty per cent of all women suffer from these monthly acne flashes in a week before those women days.

    This very type of acne can be called monthly acne. It can be solved with the help of traditional therapies. For example, retinoids or antibiotics taken systematically can be very useful. Some indications that can help your doctor to diagnose monthly acne:

    • Acne happened first time in adult age
    • Acne eruption intensifying before menstruation
    • A history of menstrual cycles taking place irregularly;
    • Increased sebaceous excretions on the face
    • Hirsutism (problems with growing hair)
    • The levels of certain androgens are increased

    Even though monthly acne usually occurs close to age of 25, it may affect teenagers and fully developed females too, and is most prevalent in females older than thirty years. Most patients have acne on the face and the most typical area is the chin and the jaw. In some cases acne is found on the back and in the chest area, but the most problematic area is still the face. Monthly acne breakouts are typically not acute and come in form of inflamed papules and tiny nodules with infrequent blackheads. However, if you don’t want your monthly acne to turn into severe acne or rosacea, take a look at acne products.

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  • Female Acne Treatment Products

    For a large number of females it takes place like alarm clock each month: cramps, swift changes in moods, and acne breakouts. Specialists realize that female acne breakouts can be affected by hormonal fluctuations; however study on this topic has been rather minimal – until recently. Research conducted recently established that almost 50% of all ladies encounter female acne breakouts throughout the week before their menstrual cycle.

    The worst thing about this kind of female acne is that it can hardly be treated with antibiotics or skin creams with retinoids. Several hints may help your physician determine hormonally-triggered female acne and find suitable female acne treatment products:

    • Adult-onset acne or breakouts that happen the first time in adults;
    • You notice that acne flare-ups is connected to the menstrual cycle; pimples appear about a week before your period
    • A history of menstrual cycles taking place irregularly;
    • Too oily face skin;
    • You suffer from excess facial and body hair growth
    • Raised levels of certain androgens in your blood stream

    20-25 is a typical age of the first time sufferer of female acne. Teenagers and mature women are affected less frequently. For women over 30, getting over female acne can be difficult as the condition is very persistent. The lower part of their face (the jaw or the chin) can be damaged. It has been noticed that most women have pimples on their face. However, some women suffer from female acne on their back or chest. Usually female acne is represented with single inflammatory papules, small inflammatory pimples, and regular comedones. But what is the reason of it?

    They begin generally prior to adolescence (9-10 years old) when the adrenal glands start generating DHEAS (dihydroepiandrosterone sulfate), an androgen. Androgens are so called “male” hormones, though they are produced by a woman’s body as well. Other “male” hormones are dehydrotestosterone (DHT) and testosterone. All of them work as stimulants for the sebaceous glands. The result of it is an intense surface skin fat (sebum) production.

    So, it is not unusual for teens, especially boys, to have acne. It is obvious that boys suffer from acne more because of the “male” hormones. It is extremely difficult to treat acne in adolescents, as their hormonal levels always change. In some cases the first reaction to the external therapy can be good, if doctors use such methods as retinoids and benzoyl peroxide. In some cases antibiotics have to be used. But as our bodies develop, they can undergo some hormonal shifts and in such a way they can stop responding to such therapies and require other acne products. These hormonal changes of teenagers should be accommodated by courses of acne treatment.

    Few women are lucky enough to “outgrow” their female acne. In some women, female acne appears after the age of 20 or even 30 and quickly becomes a nuisance, flaring up the week before a period, making them look for female acne treatment products. It happens because their estrogen level is the highest in the middle of the cycle (on condition that a woman is not using hormonal pills for birth control). When a woman is approaching her period, the estrogen level is decreasing. Ovaries after ovulation produce progesterone and this hormone stimulates the sebaceous glands. Female acne comes as a result of this.

    Pregnant women may also need female acne treatment products especially in third trimester due to the sebaceous glands again. A number of post-menopausal women continue suffering from acne flare-ups. Estrogen levels begin to dip and testosterone takes over as the dominant hormone after menopause.

    But do not expect that this kind of acne will disappear occasionally. Still, dermatologist can recommend you a few good female acne treatment products.

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  • Sun & Skin Problems

    I decided to discuss some sun & skin problems and prepared a few articles that you might find interesting. Today we are going to talk about acne problem and summer sun exposure.

    What we usually cannot do without in summer is sunscreens. However, they can also present some danger to your skin because of oil they may contain. You may protect your skin from UV radiation but, at the same time, make the problem with acne worse. What you should do is give preference to oil-free lotions and creams.

    Another fact you should keep in mind is the side effects of salty sea water on your skin. High concentration of salt as well as harmful microorganisms or suspended solids may make your skin slimy and unclean. Taking into consideration the fact that most soaps do not clean salt well, your skin may not get clean at once. This may lead to worsening your acne problem and require special acne treatment.

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  • Skin Care for Guys and Girls

    Is there any difference in skin care for guys and girls? Yes, there is.

    Skin care for guys. If you have to shave, then be very careful about it. Run a test on yourself and see if which type of razor is better for you. I’d say that electric razors are the thing to use if you suffer from acne, but each man knows better what works in his case. Shave gently and avoid opening up existing lesions.

    Skin care for girls. Cosmetics are one of the minor roots of acne. If you’re going through an acne treatment, then choose only oil-free cosmetics or else the good effect is wasted. You should also run tests on yourself and see which cosmetics do not clog your pores. Watch out for side-effects if you use products whose labels say “designed not to clog pores”.

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  • Clear Skin Max Acne Product

    I have added a new acne product to my Acne Products website: Clear Skin Max! Use the following links to find more information about Clear Skin Max:

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  • Know Your Skin Type

    Many people do not take care of their skin and it looks unhealthy with clogged pores and blackheads. It is not only a beauty problem; it causes other skin problems too. And the first step in acne treatment is to know your skin type. Here are a few skin types:

    Normal Skin is distinguished by even skin tone with small or medium pores. It is elastic with soft, smooth texture. Not so many people have normal skin but good and constant care can help your skin look healthier. Almost all people can make their skin look normal!

    Oily skin has a shiny appearance as it is produces more oil. Therefore, pores tend to be bigger. More pimples, blackheads and whiteheads appear. The aim of treatment is to control oil production and get rid of whiteheads and blackheads.

    Combination skin. Most people have a combination skin type: oily forehead, nose, and chin (so called T-zone) and dry areas around the eyes and neck. Acne are usually more active in oily areas.

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  • Causes of acne scars

    When an acne scar appears, the skin tries to regenerate and rebuild its natural colour. Pigmented scars are the result of this regenerating process. However, nowadays different treatments are available that can help people decrease the pigment concentration. Among them there are various bleaching lotions, creams and such a medical procedure as laser surgery. It is important to choose the right product for acne treatment. If you are in doubt, visit your dermatologist first.

    Light acne scars may disappear within six weeks if you have chosen the right acne product. However, there are cases when using acne products result in no changes for scars, then you should go to your dermatologist again and ask for a stronger treatment. Creams based on retinoids may help you solve your problem as well as effectively prevent new acne outbreaks.

    The laser resurfacing, the latest scientific breakthrough in skin treatment, is considered to be a better option for improving different cosmetic flaws including acne scars. The short, concentrated beams of light are directed at the top layer of irregular skin. The skin is removed layer by layer. Many specialists are likely to suggest using the laser resurfacing instead of dermabrasion.

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  • Adult Acne

    What the adult acne statistics show is the fact that acne becomes very common among grown-up females and males. Adult acne may continue from teen years into adult years representing severe cases or suddenly appear in mid-thirties. The cause of first time acne in the adulthood may lie in chemicals or constant physical pressure on the skin. It is really difficult to find the causes of acne. Sometimes people can develop acne due to hormone imbalance. Anyway, you should see your doctor if you have adult acne.

    People who try to get rid of acne are not advised to use adult acne cleansers with strong chemical components. While choosing acne products, women should pay careful attention to its constituents. As for men, they should shave carefully, as constant damage to skin makes the problem worse. Avoid exposing your skin to pollution and dust, keep it clean but choose appropriate acne treatment products.

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  • Teen acne effects

    Teenagers are very vulnerable. They are likely to have a negative opinion about themselves, their look. They tend to find different real or imaginary flaws in their appearance. They can be easily hurt by opinions or remarks other people make. The discomfort they bear due to spots on their face plays an important role in their life and may lead to losing confidence and self-respect. Some of them even start hating themselves for not conforming to the standard.

    Teens’ circle of acquaintance is not wide. They mostly communicate with their close relatives, friends and so-called mates who they barely know. Undoubtedly, teenagers pay more attention to the words of their friends or schoolmates, no matter whether it is criticism or praise. Teens consider their parents subjective as they love their children anyway. It is known that teenagers can be very cruel to each other, some of them intentionally hurt other people’s feelings, which results in hiding from the social environment and intensifies the feelings of shame, pain, uneasiness and intense dislike. That’s why it is so important to take care of teen acne before it can ruin whole life of a teenager.

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