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Isotretinoin is acting where others are helpless. But what is the other side of the shield? This is the main factor why isotretinoin is prescribed. There is maybe no other drug, which is as potent as this one. There is maybe no other drug, which can cope with such severe acne, as isotretinoin can. It is often given when all other preparations have shown their impotence. Powerlessness of other preparations sometimes leads to isotretinoin.

Isotretinoin affects all stages of development of acne. The drug influences on many factors that become acne-causers. First, it reduces production of skin oil, which is one of the major factors. From one side it is good, and it is clear why – because when there is too much oil, it comes into skin pores, which subsequently leads to appearance of acne. But from the other side…it will be enough just to think over the actual mechanism, how isotretinoin reduces the production of oil.

Of course, this can be done, first of all, by limitation of activity of the units that produce that oil, namely sebaceous glands. So it happens that isotretinoin just slows down their development and suppresses their activity, so that they produce less oil. You may not agree but I think that when some preparation, which is not related to any natural means, suppresses activity of some cells or some organs of the organism, it doesn’t inspire me at all.

There is even some division into isotretinoin and other kinds of acne treatment. If long-term courses of antibacterial medications do not bring any result, then isotretinoin is prescribed. If after several successful courses relapses reappear, then isotretinoin is prescribed. If scars tend to appear after acne, isotretinoin is prescribed.

However, because of such strength isotretinoin is impacting not only acne and its causes, but also the organism in a whole. This is a cause of side effects, some of which are very severe so that, for example, it is forbidden to take isotretinoin during pregnancy.

So everything is not so simple with isotretinoin.


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  • Acne Development

    Let’s see how acne develops. At the age of about ten the adrenal glands start to produce an androgen, dihydroepiandrosterone sulfate (DHEAS). Other androgenic hormones – male growth hormone in female’s system – like testosterone and dehydrotestosterone (DHT), take part in the pubertal period. These the body’s hormones make the skin oil glands to produce more sebum (skin’s natural oil).

    This is the reason why acne and oily skin are so widespread between young people. This is the first step in acne development. Not surprisingly, given that young boys have more testosterone, teenager acne breakouts happen to be more serious in males. The management of acne breakouts in youngsters can be difficult, as their systems are constantly undergoing severe hormonal fluctuations. They can at first managed quite well by first-line treatment options, like vitamin A creams and various other inexpensive over-the-counter products, possibly combined with antibiotic. Later acne development continues during maturity period when they can experience intense hormonal fluctuations – and become not responding to employing treatments. Programs of acne breakouts therapy may have to be modified more frequently with young adults to correspond to their hormonal shifts.

    A lot of women don’t have teen acne but many of them begin to suffer from this problem at the age of 20 or 30, experiencing persistent onsets the week previous to their period. What happens is during a normal menstrual cycle, level of estrogen is at its high point at mid-cycle and subsequently declines at the onset of period. Obviously this is not true for women on hormonal birth control pill. The fact that the ovaries produce progesterone means that women sebaceous glands are stimulated after ovulation and the skin becomes oilier, which leads to acne problems.

    The body’s hormones are also the cause of acne development in many expectant women also; the essential oil glands start producing excessive amounts of sebum throughout the 3rd trimester, resulting in oily face and regular acne outbreaks. Although after menopause the level of estrogen declines and testosterone turns out to be the main hormone, women can also experience acne.

    If you have experienced acne once, you should remember that this problem may stay with you for a long time, even after you get older. The best way to stop acne development is to consult the doctor, who will help you develop the proper acne treatment plan.

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