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Causes and Treatment of Acne

Our life is full of delightful pleasures as well as of numerous inconveniences causing troubles every day. Not making a too long background, I will tell you, that acne is one of such troubles.

So what is acne? Dictionaries regard acne (or acne vulgaris) as a skin disease related to alterations in follicles (holes in the skin containing hairs) and sebaceous glands which are responsible for sebum production. These two elements together are called pilosebaceous units. Sebum or oil in normal conditions is used for something like skin lubrication. But if the conditions are actually not normal, for example, the skin becomes dirty or sweaty for a long time, sebum serves for bad purposes and blocks the follicles. This is also the case when hormones cause your acne – they are the trigger for excess function of sebaceous glands. So too much oil is not a good thing for your skin.

However, if you think that removing sebum from your skin is your priority task, you mistake. Too little quantity of oil can also lead to acne! This happens in cases when acne is caused by bacteria. Causes and treatment of acne can be different but this one is induced by a harmful germ dissolving sebum so the skin becomes undefended.

The last two causes are regarded as internal causes of acne. As far as these causes and treatment of acne are concerned, it is difficult to fight acne because it is hard to fight something taking its origin inside of you. What can you do then?

It is impossible in most cases to treat anything without knowing what it is and from where it comes from. It is impossible to cure all diseases by some panacea, for example, by some mysterious pyramid. Such kinds of treatment have appeared in the ancient times when people did not know from where the diseases come from and often attributed illnesses to some supernatural creatures and tried to heal them with prayers and immolation. Of course it did not help, as well as acne treatment may not help if you don’t know its cause.

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  • What is women acne?

    What does it mean – women acne? Does it mean ugliness, unattractiveness, sleeplessness, despondence and unhappiness and discontentment with life?  Or does it mean unremitting struggle and despair because of futility of all attempts to defeat your enemy? No, surely it is not so. If you already have a trouble like this you may elaborate a strategy of your own, how you should tackle this issue, no matter if it is pregnancy acne or teenage acne.

    First is not to have a panic. Couple of blotches on your forehead really does not take anything away from your beauty. And if it is a single pimple – that is not a problem at all. If the case is more serious, be calm – all types of acne are quite curable and definitely they are just temporary.

    Then you ought to determine a root cause of your problem. A root cause can be the same, but also quite different from an obvious one, because evident cause can possibly be only consequence of some other cause (root cause or even some intermediate one). For example, if you have acne because of using some makeup, you should pay attention on its composition – maybe it is some constituent that causes allergy and you should pay attention on other cosmetics and avoid using any products containing this element. Thus, root cause determination is a first step to eliminate reoccurrence of acne in future,

    When a root cause is known you should choose a kind of treatment you are going to apply to your little disaster. To begin with, we advise you to find natural acne treatment products. This not necessarily stands for some herbs. You may just try to change your makeup, be more thorough in your hygiene, change your birth control pills (of course, if you use any), maybe also change something in your diet (for example, consume less spicy dishes, do not use alcoholic drinks). If it doesn’t help, then you should attend your doctor who will prescribe you some special treatment, which will be related to your individual case.

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  • Ways of Teen Acne Treatment

    What are the ways to treat teen acne? This depends on different factors. Teen acne appears when you are eleven or when you are fifteen, depending on individual features of your organism and some other factors (for example, it is a well-known fact that girls mature earlier than boys). Acne treatment frequently goes through hard sections as stresses, bad skin care, fast-foods and other forms of improper nutrition – the issues that worsen the situation. And what lies in the end of this road? Is it a wonderful good riddance, which comes by a miracle? Or is it a dark in the end of the tunnel which comes instead of regular light?

    Of course miracle rarely happens in the real life. Almost all miracles happening nowadays are done by years (at least weeks) of hard work. That should be your case. You can achieve the result you wish. But of course something should be done here.

    First, don’t be lazy. Every minute that you waste lying on a sofa or watching soap operas could be spent on acne treatment or any other useful deed. Crack this on your child, if it is a young one eager to treat teen acne of its own.

    Second, use proper methods. Don’t forget, that popping, squeezing or scratching acne is one of the worst things that you can do – and teenagers do these actions commonly. No wonder then that there are people with many small scars on their faces – and it is not smallpox every time.

    Third, don’t forget about maintenance. If you have achieved some result, do your best to nail it down.

    What is the most common and effective method of teen acne treatment? Doctors say that it is proper nutrition. Teen acne may appear because of misbalance of hormones. To calm down skin inflammation you may use preparations like benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid and alcohol infusions like calendula infusion (but don’t use pure alcohol or vodka, which dries your skin too much). You may also try the herbal acne products that work the same way but usually cause less or absolutely no side effects.

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  • Major Reasons for Body Acne

    Body acne is one of the things nobody wishes to have, but still there are a lot of people having it. Sometimes you even do not know, from where it has come from. Notwithstanding this, there is always something that caused this undoubtedly unpleasant stuff.

    Surely, your inheritance can also play a predominant role here. When you have something only because of inheritance it’s always like it comes from nowhere. In other words, if your father or mother have suffered from acne, you will be more likely to have it too. But you certainly understand that there must be also some proximate cause of this disease.

    Hormones can be named among first causes of body acne. In young age hormones called androgens become active and facilitate activity of sebaceous glands which then produce more oil. And skin oil is one of the main matters that get into the pores causing formation of acne. Such hormone burst can also be initiated by some contraceptives, which may also lead to acne.

    Choking of pores that leads to emerging of bad skin can be conditioned by other causes. Bad use of cosmetics (especially greasy one) can also damage your skin. For body acne in particular (mainly back acne, chest acne and neck acne) wearing tight dress is also named as a major reason for appearing. Moist, soaked cloth facilitates mixing of sweat with skin oil that forms the best conditions for acne. If your sport suit does not conduct air, you will be almost guaranteed to have some problems with your skin. Of course, if you are not much concerned of your body skin care (for example, do not take a shower after physical training) this will lead to formation of spots, blackheads and so on.

    The next key reason is improper nutrition. This fact is used by experts who work out different diets that help to fight acne. The main hazard in food is made by products that may cause allergy – their consumption is often followed by acne. Here we should also mention side effects from some medicines.

    Only knowing the exact reason for having acne, one can be assigned a proper body acne treatment products and get rid of these obnoxious things.

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  • How hormones affect zits

    Due to the presence of hormones, your oil glands go into overdrive. They produce extra oil, which block your follicles and clump together with the dead skin cells on the top layer of your skin. When this sticky mixture works its way into your pores, it acts just like a cork in a bottle — trapping oil and bacteria inside. Unfortunately, your oil glands cannot determine when to stop so they keep producing oil thus making the follicle swollen. Your body’s natural defense system — white blood cells — rush to the area to produce an enzyme that damages the wall of the follicle, allowing the contents of the follicle to enter the dermis. This process causes an inflammatory response that results in either red, painful bumps (papules); blackheads and whiteheads (comedones); pimples or acne. Contrary to common belief, this condition has nothing to do with what you eat, or how often you wash your face.

    Dermatologists point out that dietary factors neither cause nor cure acne. In almost all cases, the food you eat has almost nothing to do with your acne, except for those containing iodine and muscle-enhancing steroids. If you ingest a large amount of iodine like mineral pills, your acne will likely flare up. Steroids have also been known to cause a type of acne referred to as steroid acne.

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