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Causes of acne scars

When an acne scar appears, the skin tries to regenerate and rebuild its natural colour. Pigmented scars are the result of this regenerating process. However, nowadays different treatments are available that can help people decrease the pigment concentration. Among them there are various bleaching lotions, creams and such a medical procedure as laser surgery. It is important to choose the right product for acne treatment. If you are in doubt, visit your dermatologist first.

Light acne scars may disappear within six weeks if you have chosen the right acne product. However, there are cases when using acne products result in no changes for scars, then you should go to your dermatologist again and ask for a stronger treatment. Creams based on retinoids may help you solve your problem as well as effectively prevent new acne outbreaks.

The laser resurfacing, the latest scientific breakthrough in skin treatment, is considered to be a better option for improving different cosmetic flaws including acne scars. The short, concentrated beams of light are directed at the top layer of irregular skin. The skin is removed layer by layer. Many specialists are likely to suggest using the laser resurfacing instead of dermabrasion.

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  • Treatment for acne scars

    Medical experts define only two types of acne scars. The simplest acne scar is nothing more than a little spot on the skin bearing a brown colour and saying that an acne pimple had been there. The second type of acne scars is more remarkable, it is called the ice pick scar. This easy visible scar is a small hole in the skin where the acne pimple used to appear. Scars are usually left only by inflamed acne wounds, such as nodules, pustules or cysts. However, squeezing an acne pimple could result in an inflamed lesion and leave a scar.

    The next level in acne treatment after herbal acne products is the chemical shedding of your skin. Lactic acid is used to peel away the top layer of your skin and start the formation of a new and smoother skin layer. This operation can be good even for active acne. Peels are usually executed over a period of weeks or even months and are mostly effective against acne scars.

    The best way of taking care of acne scars is to prevent acne by using acne products. This can put an end to basic cause of acne, treat acne and finally prevent acne scars at all.

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