Teenage is a roller coaster ride. There are hormones running wild in the body. You make crucial decisions that can affect your career. Your social life is booming. In short, life is all about being picture perfect physically and mentally. In such times, I have seen many a person get acne and then suffer the worst confidence dent of their lives. Girls feel like simply ripping their skin off. Boys try to their wits end to get rid of it. But that stubborn little pimples refuses to leave no matter what.

Acne is caused by an inflammation of the pilosebaseous follicles. Sounds complicated? It isn’t really. It is nothing but pustules commonly known as pimples that break out on the skin, especially on the face. The outbreak is associated with puberty and in most people, the condition cures by itself within a few years. But for many, those few years can be the worst in their lifetime. A few break these pimples hoping that it would disappear. But this in turn, scars the skin. If you are reading this article even now, then probably you have tried all the ‘over the counter’ drugs and cosmetics that promise to help you treat teen acne. But nature has an answer to it. And the answer is natural acne treatment.