Here are several things that one should avoid when washing their faces. Remember that it is our aim to make your skin more healthier and beautiful.

1. Do not wash face too often. Washing your face doesn’t mean you have to wash it every hour of the day… Experts recommend ONLY twice to thrice face washing daily. Frequent washing may dry out your skin thus increasing your risk to irritations that may even cause acne. Moreover, if the skin is too dry, your glands will produce more oil that will compensate for the lost ones. This means that your risk in getting too much sebum also increases.

2. Do not use harsh soaps and cleansers. Never use bar soaps or bar cleansers. The ingredients that keep these soaps and cleansers in bar form can clog your pores and irritate your skin… plus, they can help foster breakouts. Harsh soap and cleansers can strip off the skin’s natural lipids thus irritate your skin. Choose cleansers that are mild and non- comedogenic, hypo- allergenic, and soap- free.

3. Do not use too much cleanser. Even if you are using mild cleansers, it is best to dilute it with water (a palmful will be sufficient). The less concentrated your cleanser, the gentler it will be for your face.

4. Do not use cleansers containing alcohol. Alcohol will upset your face’s natural ph level, thus causing it to be irritated. Using toners and astringents may feel wonderful… but over-using these will irritate your skin!

5. Do not just use products. Instead, know your skin type. For dry skin. Look for products with cocoa butter or glycerin. For oily skin, look for products with benzoyl peroxide, citric acid or salicylic acid. For sensitive skin, look for aloe vera, almond oil or chamomile. For every type of skin, look into acne products. The deep washes keep the pores clean, the herbal supplements kill bacteria, the protection cream acts as a shield on your skin.

6. Do not under rinse. Residues left behind can actually clog your pores. Facial cleansers can leave an invisible residue behind which can clog your pores. Rinse three times, then rinse again!

7. Do not exfoliate often. Removing dead skin cells can make your skin less dull but you should not overdo it or you will injure your skin. Too much scrubbing will make your skin dull and flaky. Avoid abrasive facial pads and grainy facial scrubs.

Remember, in everything that you do, simplicity and moderation is often that key. Do not abuse your skin. Go easy and gentle. Treat acne naturally. And put your best face forward.